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Located a few blocks away from the University of Oklahoma | 405-329-3330

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A Norman and Sooner Tradition Since 1976

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The Best Local Spot for Drinks

Enjoy some of the best local drink specials today when you visit The Mont. From football games to birthday parties, you'll always find something going on here. Come in and find out what we can do for you.

Looking to make dinner plans or just want something to snack on while out drinking tonight? Either way, the food selection at The Mont is what you're looking for!

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Relish Our Ice Cream Drinks and Hot Drinks!


Ice Cream Drinks

Brandy Ice

Brandy, dark creme de cacao


Dark creme de menthe, creme de cacao

Pink Lady

Gin, creme de noyaux

Pink Squirrel

Creme de noyaux, light creme de cacao


Kahlua, dark creme de cacao


Kahlua with scotch

Brandy Alexander

Brandy with dark creme de cacao

Brandy Separator

Kahlua with brandy

Colorado Bulldog

Kahlua, vodka, coke

Cream Drinks


Kahlua with tequila

Smith and Kerns

Kahlua with soda

Toasted Almond

Amaretto with light creme de cacao

White Russian

Kahlua with vodka

Cafe Royale

Brandy with coffee

Hot Buttered Rum

Rum, buttered rum mix, pat of butter

Hot Toddy

Bourbon, honey, lemon juice

Irish Coffee

Irish whiskey with kahlua

Jamaican Coffee

Tia maria with rum

Julian Coffee

Kahlua, amaretto with tia maria

Keokie Coffee

Kahlua, brandy, dark creme de cacao

Mexican Coffee

Kahlua with tequila

Hot Drinks


An amazing blend of frozen Margarita and frozen Sangria

Grand Gold Margarita

1800 Reposado tequila, Grand Marnier, sweet and sour

Ultimate Pleaser

Sauza Hornitos tequila, triple sec, sweet and sour

Cherry Limeade

3 Olives cherry vodka, Roses Lime, Grenadine, club soda, sweet and sour

Lava Lamp

Your favorite beer with a Frozen Margarita or Sangria

Customers Drinks